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It's sad, I'm not feeling in the best of moods right now. A lot of sad and very depressing things have happened today that have squashed my once happy mood and reduced it to just being depressed but optimistic. And I dont like being in this mood either.

How else would you feel if someone you once thought of as your best friend tells you that you're a fucking ugly bitch, dont deserve to have any friends and should just go and die because  it'd be doing everyone else a favour. You wouldnt exactly be rejoicing over something like that. I certainly wasnt. I was even starting to think it was all true until my better friends convinced me it wasnt. I <3 them.

And to top it all off, none of any of my guy mates, some of whom i fancy like me back. Great. Whats more, Lewis last week was telling me that he really liked me, only to then start going out with Amy Patching. Amy. Bloody. Patching. One of the most prettiest and nicest girls in the year. God I'm jealous. And oh yeah, Alex doesnt like me either. Or Joe. Or ayone. If I wasnt in such a depressing mood I wouldnt mind, I'd just accept it, I mean I know ther are plenty of other fish in the sea, but right now thats just the cherry on top of the bloody cake.

Right, I'm signing out for the night now, love you all x-x

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it is NOT fair

It just isnt fair. It really isnt.

My sister is in the USA at the mo, has been since january cos she's going to Arizona Uni but thats finished so now she's touring round America with these guys. Well, thats not fair either, but thats not it... anyway...

The clothes that she left at home, I was happily wearing, but then I told her one day over the phone I'd been wearing her clothes which was pretty good of me to do, I thought. Oh no. Bad thing. Veeeery bad thing. I'm no longer allowed to wear her clothes. Ever.

And now, she sends home this box full of clothes and crap that she cant fit in her suitcase, nd on top, I happened to stumble across the cutest little skirt I've ever seen. I want it, its sooo nice. Plus I tried it on and it fits perfectly :D and it looks alright. Here, check it out:

I <3 this skirt *steals it* what skirt, i dont know wnaything about your skirt.....Collapse )

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*is suffering from a serious el-jay disease*

Yeah, I think I'm suffering from a recent outbreak of 'why-dont-i-ever-post-eritus' , also known as 'oopscrapiforgottoupdatethejournalagain-eritus'

Its a proven disease wher you never update your journal. Hardly ever. ever ever. I'm trying to get rid of it, but alas - *cries*
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*pokes stomach*

you know, I actually havent had any meals today. No breakfast, no lunch, no dinner. Why am I not hungry?? *pokes stomach*

yeah, this is scary, no food but I'm not hungry :/ Now to me that doesnt make sense... Especially as its 11pm..

And on another note, I'm in love with my hair. It's being SO nice today, its great :) It's so straight, so shiny :) *hugs haio*

I <3 my hair today!Collapse )

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Yeah, I've written a poem.....why? cos...umm.....I had lots of feelings that I needed to express. And i was like 'um. *idea* a poem!!' so yeah. Here it is. Gimme your thoughts on it if you want as well, though not necessary :)

These feelings confuse me
I just don't understand
anything I ever want
just flies from my hands

Everything close by me
moves slowly out of reach
I'm running out of options
Should I begin to preach?

I cannot share my heart
If it's just thrown away
Or cast aside by someone new
on some other day

The few who I place near me
Are near me no more
When I try to seek them
They've all gone through that door

Relationships just dont exist
in this thing I call my life
I wnt to break free from this shell
- cut through it with a knife

Yet here I am, stuck in my room
in something far from bliss
And I'm not out there, having fun
Or having my first kiss.

<3 you all

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Omg. oh. my. god. ooooh. myyyyyy. gooood. omg omgomgomgomgomg

ok, my heart is racing, my hands are all sweaty, and im all shifty in my seat. why? because.....umm.... well i kinda don't wanna say, but i do. woah. im still in shock. It happened about half an hour ago. omg omg omg omg omg omg.

Ok im not gonna say cos I dont really wanna reveal it (lol, sorry guys :P ). Well Courtney, you know what I did. And lemme say to you, it happened back. If you get what I mean...

God I think I may live to regret that. Or maybe not, I dunno...  ok it wasnt that bad a thing, but still. aaah.

*shuts up*

yeah, everyone please ignore me, I dont know what you guys are thinking, and I dunno if I wanna know. Feel free to guess though... I just needed to enter my feelings cos there's no one online who I can talk to.


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BlueJeLLo025: I heart you
oOoxXjenniXxoOo: i heart you more
BlueJeLLo025: nuh uh
oOoxXjenniXxoOo: uh huh
BlueJeLLo025: no
oOoxXjenniXxoOo: umm....
oOoxXjenniXxoOo: lemme check on that...
oOoxXjenniXxoOo: umm...
oOoxXjenniXxoOo: yes
BlueJeLLo025: noo silly
oOoxXjenniXxoOo: er, yes

lol, yeah, so thats how mine and Kari's conversation started off today.

Lmao, we're such losers :P well...i am, at least ^_^

i <3 kari

and oh yeah, anyone feel free to IM me. Honest, I won't bite :)


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Changing rooms...

I hate Changing rooms at shops where they only have a curtain. Especially when the curtain doesnt close preoperly so that everyone outside can see you inside, in the reflection in the mirror. Honestly, why don't they just get doors??? I felt sooooo self conscious when I had to try on some bras in Matalan today, because I knew that anybody could look in and probably see. God, it was awful, I even tried holding the curtain against the wall with my leg, but that didnt work when I fell over....

My weekends are getting so boring. I did sod all yesterday. No wait, yeah I did *smacks head* I went round my nans for lunch and sunbathed in her garden for a bit, but other than that I did nothing. So I convinced Alex to meet me, but that was about half 8 at night and I was only allowed out till half 10. Meh, anyway... I met him in the middle of this field, and we decided to go and appear at naomi's house and ask to go in. She wasnt very happy. At all. Especially as she already had Amy, Sarah and Sean over and her dad doesnt like ANYONE being round, let along uninvited people. But Amy paid us to go away. Lol, nah, only joking, she gave Alex some money to go buy them pizza and crisps, but Alex ran there. I refused to run, so he was running in zig zags so that I had time to catch up. Bless :)


...what happened next????Collapse )

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confused.....and bored

Dun dun duuuuuun. Newsflash in: Lewis dumped Sophie :D

Yeah, he said that he hadn't really wanted to go out with her in the first place, which is strange....ok, so I shouldnt be happy because sophie's my mate, but I am. He didn't really hurt Sophie anyway, because they hadn't been together that long, and hadn't really been that involved. I think they'd only really spoken occasionally and that was it. So that makes it sort of alright I suppose....ish. You know what I mean :P

But that means that he's single again! yay! And i was talking to my mate Hayley today who goes to the boys school (yeah, a girl going to an all boys school, its cos she's two years above in the 6th form (kinda like a college within school)), and she was like 'suuuuure he likes you, i know him. And he's hott. Go grab him. Now. Before I stalk him'. But then I reminded HER that I'm the one who know's his email address, mobile phone number, and house address and so on...;)

Today was extremely boring. Saaturday's are the most boring days ever for me. My friends are all doing something, and I'm not. Today for example, Leanne, kristy, Katie, Kayleigh and people were going to laura's birthday party at Megazone (a laser shooty game arena thingy, v. fun!). I wasnt invited cos Im not GREAT friends with her, but that left me bored. And god knows what alex, lews and joe were doing, its impossible to find out what they get up to. For the past week (at night this is, or early morning like 3am, whatever), I know that they walked from Shoebury to Southchurch (about 15 miles) just for the hell of it, and were going round to people's houses. They're crazy, but ya gotta love em.


My boring day (if you can be bothered to read!)Collapse )

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Dun dun duuuuuun. **Newsflash in : Lewis has a girlfriend **

uhuh. worse still, it's my mate Sophie. But I'm ok with it now. I wasn't in Tuesday, hence the whole 'crapped up' post. But I'm kinda ok with it now. Kinda. Except when I saw him on Wednesday night at the beach party. Sophie his gf came round my house and we walked to the beach, where Lewis and Alex were. I still really really really like Lewis, but meh, I have to accept the fact that they like eachother. But there is also a plus point :) Lewis's friend alex likes me, and alex is alright, he's soooo sweet :D but i dont know if I like alex. But i like alex's mate joe, but joe doesnt 'like' me, he likes my mate Kristy who all the guys like. its all confusing stuff.

In other news, I've been out every day this week since last saturday. I'm very proud, I think I actually HAVE a life now :) yay. And because I want to, im gonna list what Ive done:  more ramblings from meCollapse )

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